Puma launches $105 gaming socks that come with three ‘modes’

According to Puma’s website, the “Active gaming footwear” is created with console gamers in mind, though PC owners will surely benefit from these magic socks, too. They cost £80 in the UK and $160 in Australia, which works out at around $105 in the US, where they’re not yet available. Puma says the socks are “designed for indoor and in-arena use.” They offer “seamless comfort, support and grip so gamers can adapt to different active gaming modes and game their best.” Autumn Baby Shoes The socks do look comfortable, admittedly, and being able to wear them outside is a bonus, though you can buy shoe-like slippers that cost a lot less than $100. Still, some people will purchase anything that has the word “gamer” in the name. This isn’t Puma’s first foray into gaming products. It also teamed up with Playseat to create an unusual-looking gaming chair that costs $255. Rival Adidas is also getting into the gaming footwear business. It has teamed up with Tyler “Ninja” Blevins for the $150 Nite Jogger shoes, which go on sale December 31. Baby Shoes, Kids Shoes, Parent-Child Shoes, Baby Sneakers – Ling Feng,https://www.lingfengshoes.com/

Global Roller Skate Market Size, Share, Growth and Research Report during 2019-2022 – Ghana Latest Football News, Live Scores, Results

Market Reports World recently announced a new addition of the report titled “2019-2024 Global and Regional “Roller Skate Market” Production, Sales and Consumption Status and Prospects Professional Market Research Report”, providing a comprehensive overview of the markets between 2019 and 2024. The report offers a detailed overview of the current market status, historic, and expected future of the global Roller Skate market. In addition to this, the report provides information on the restraints negatively impacting the market’s growth. The report includes valuable information to help new entrants as well as established players understand the prevailing trends in the Market Reports World market. This report includes following top vendors in terms of company basic information, product category, sales (volume), revenue (Million USD), price and gross margin (%). They are:  The report covers elements such as market trends, competitive landscape, market analysis, and applications of end-users based on different segments. The Roller Skate market is further segmented on the basis of types, geography, applications, and technologies. The  analysis provides an exhaustive invest...