The cartoon, which the newspaper admits was 'offensive,' shows Netanyahu as a guide dog leading Trump, who is illustrated as wearing a skullcap

The New York Times issued an apology Sunday for publishing a cartoon that sparked the ire of many readers who claimed it bore anti-Semitic tropes. The newspaper's initial response to the complaints called the cartoon's publication "an error in judgment."

The NY Times cartoon of Netanyahu as guide-dog for blind Trump would also have been a harsh but fair depiction of their relationship. But the moment Trump has a kippah and Netanyahu a Star of David, it veered sharply in to antisemitic territory. Truly incredible it was published.

We apologize for the anti-Semitic cartoon we published. Here’s our statement.

The cartoon ran on Thursday in the opinion column of its international edition. The official apology came after criticism that its initial retraction on Saturday didn't include the word apology.

The cartoon in question showed U.S. President Donald Trump wearing a skullcap and led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, depicted as a guide dog wearing a Star of David necklace.

The cartoon appeared next to a column by the Times' senior political commentator Thomas Friedman on the migration crisis. 

In the Twitter account of the Times' opinion page, which will run in print Monday, the editors described the cartoon as having "anti-Semitic tropes," calling it "offensive" and adding that it was "an error of judgment to publish it."

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